About Bookends

Bookends is AoD’s book club for Patreon members. We read a mix of classic and contemporary literature, with hooks to our Core Episodes and friends of the show.

Bookends live sessions take place via Zoom. An invitation and URL are provided by Patreon.

Brad, sometimes a guest, and Kevin start the session with a fifteen to thirty minute discussion of the book. This is recorded for Patreon.

The chat then opens for another hour or so for an open discussion.

In the run-up to each session, we will post liberally and encourage discussion of each book on Patreon and Telegram.

2024 Schedule

Dates and times are subject to change. Look here and at Patreon for confirmation.

All sessions are at 1pm US Central Time unless otherwise noted.

Wise Blood, O’Connor
February 24th

Hamlet, Shakespeare, Script & Branagh Film Version
April 27th

Stella Maris & the Passenger, McCarthy
June 29th

Billy Budd, Melville
August 24th

The Left Hand of Darkness, Le Guin
October 19th

Dune, Herbert
December 15th

Please support the pod by purchasing books through our affiliate links when possible. And thank you.

Questions? Find us on Patreon, Telegram or email artofdarkpod@gmail.com.