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The Dark Room: Stephanie Lahey on the Many Manuscripts of Dante

April 14th, 2024|

Stephanie Lahey, a PhD in medieval manuscripts, joins us again to talk about the incredible challenge of transcribing THE DIVINE COMEDY. This conversation is a fascinating exploration of just what it takes to keep a very old book alive.

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Reissue: Fitzgerald Part I & Winter Dreams Live in St. Paul, Minnesota

April 9th, 2024|

Ahead of Fitzgerald Part II, here’s a reissue of Part I, recorded June 7th 2023. In our first live episode, Brad and Kevin cover the life of Minnesota’s greatest drunk and “foot guy” F. Scott Fitzgerald through his short story WINTER DREAMS, which Bad Mouth Theatre Company then reads.

On this recording of WINTER DREAMS, we share the talents of Maggie D’Ambrose, Ian Hathway, Matthew Saxe and Mari Sitner. Amanda Forstrom joined the company at the live reading at Waldmann Brewery. Special thanks to our hosts at Waldmann, Mr. Slater for the interstitial ambient music, and Thomas Corcoran for the videography and audience audio.

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