In the last month or two, we dropped our monumental episode on Frank Herbert. With DUNE resurrecting the blockbuster genre, we saw fit to excavate the life of its author, a humble Irish kid from the middle of nowhere who redefined science fiction through sheer force of will—and a White Witch by his side. In our bonus After Dark episode, a Patreon exclusive, we talked Frank Herbert’s role in the psychedelic community and eviscerated our favorite bad #DUNE takes.

We also dropped our episode on the Dante of Dublin himself, James Joyce, in collaboration with Aldous Asterion, host of the amazing podcast Forest of Symbols. After Dark, we talk his filthy love letters to the improbably-named Nora Barnacle.

And an in-depth look at the life and work of Texas Outlaw comic Bill Hicks, with help from stand-up comedian Blake Hammond. After Dark, we find out if Bill Hicks is really dead or has he been “playing” Alex Jones for the last twenty years?

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Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz with Lucy aficionado Jolie Vitale. There’s more to this story than just I LOVE LUCY—it’s a tale of Communist revolution, grinding it out in old Hollywood, technical innovations that re-invented television, and a passion so deep it nearly destroyed them both.

MF DOOM: And he won’t stop ’til he got the masses. And show ’em what they know not through flows of hot molasses. Do it like the robot to headspin to boogaloo. Took a few minutes to convince the average bug-a-boo. It’s ugly, like look at you, it’s a damn shame. Just remember ALL CAPS when you spell the man name

The Chelsea Hotel with actor/musician Michael Bakkensen: Where Dylan Thomas died, and Sid Vicious killed his girlfriend, where Clarke wrote 2001 and where the Beatniks made a real mess of things.

Also, we’ll have Dark Room episodes with special guests to follow-up and fill-in on Franz Kafka, Anna Kavan, and William S. Burroughs. Take a scroll through the feed for our first outings on these subjects.

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