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The Unspeakable Sarah Kane – A prodigious British playwright who changed the theater in her early 20s.

Zora Neale Hurston: The Collector – A centerpiece of the Harlem Renaissance, a groundbreaking folklorist and anthropologist, acclaimed novelist and a certified Voodoo “doctor.”

Walt Disney’s World of Fantasy with Blauer Geist: Internet bon vivant and literary impresario Blauer Geist joined us to take us through the not-always-so-wonderful world of Walt Disney.

Be sure to follow @Blauer_geist and check out his brilliant literary journal Apocalypse Confidential and podcast Ellroy Boys

“What We Got Wrong” – Our 2021 Re-cap episode with musician and actor Michael Bakkensen. See Michael’s new album Circle Kiss

Pamela Colman Smith Redux with Elizabeth Foley O’Connor– We follow up on our classic episode on the artist behind your favorite tarot deck, Pamela Colman Smith, with the scholar who wrote the book: Elizabeth Foley O’Connor.


Frank Herbert: The Dreamer of Dune. Suggested reading: DUNE

Bill Hicks with Blake Hammond: Did you know Alex Jones used to be a groundbreaking comedian? Suggested listening: Bill Hicks – Relentless. Check out Blake’s Just the Clip podcast and look out for his Prime Video special coming soon.

James Joyce with Forest of Symbols. The doubtless literary daredevil of Dublin. Suggested reading: Dubliners. The Forest of Symbols podcast.

MF DOOM. Your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper. Suggested listening: Madvillain (MF DOOM and Madlib) – Madvillainy

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